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Limitless Gaming's old website has been restored to full working order. I've restored the website for archive purposes. Having the website publicly accessible is in the best interest of old members. This is particually useful for members who want to retrive lost threads and their hard work, or for members to reflect on memories.

Feel free to use the website however you want, but please be respectful. Last time I setup the forum for archive reasons, not long after closing Limitless Gaming, most threads were deleted by a single moderator. It is highly unlikely that this moderator took this decision by theirselves. The decision may have been executed by the management of RWW (the formation of the new community called 'RWW', not Limitless Gaming's RWW). Such actions were selfish and weren't done in the best interest of the whole community.

To clarify, I did remove all permissions of moderators and admins last time with the exception of one account. This was an unforeseen circumstance.

For security reasons, I've revoked permissions of all moderators and admins. Additionally, permissions such as creating new topics, new posts and sending private messages have been revoked - this is an archive forum!

If you have any questions, feel free to private message me.

EDIT: To view the archived forum please visit lgsamp.com. You may log onto your account to view all boards.

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